Snacking Smart Makes The Day Better

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sksmGet the right fuel combo with snacks that pack a punch and will outlast those low-octane candy bars you’ve used in the past.

Power snacks will keep your engine revved up all day. Food is like gasoline for the body. If you feed it cheap, low-octane fuel, you’ll be knocking and pinging all day like an old, worn-out station wagon. If you use high-octane fuel, you’ll have a smooth, clean-running engine, and your body will perform like a turbo-charged sports car.

To get the fuel combination just right, you must combine low-fat carbs, protein, and high-fiber snacks. This fuel mixture enables your body to get the best possible mileage.

If you feel as if someone has flattened your tires and …

Sudden Heart Attacks: Not Just For Athletes

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sdnhattacksWith two Olympic Gold medals and four World Championship titles, 28-year-old pair skater Sergei Grinkov appeared to be in perfect health. Then, on November 20, 1995, while practicing at Lake Placid, New York, Grinkov collapsed. With a massive clot blocking the flow of blood, his heart quivered erratically. Within minutes, Grinkov died.

A few years earlier, Loyola-Marymount basketball player Hank Gathers had led the NCAA in both scoring and rebounding and seemed destined to be a first-round pick for the National Basketball Association. Then, in 1990, sudden cardiac death struck while Hank was playing basketball.

Cases like Grinkov’s and Gathers’ are very rare. Occasionally, however, with no prior warning and no blow or other injury, a young athlete dies from …

Are Vegetables Key To Sustained Good Health?

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vekeytsghBreakfasting on a Danish followed by a vitamin chaser? Eating onion rings for lunch and washing it down with a shake and a handful of vitamins? If you think that your daily vitamin pill will cancel out your nutritional sins, think again. It’s not any single element in food that protects us from disease; it’s the whole food.

And some of the best foods we can eat to protect us from disease are fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain compounds called antioxidants and phytochemicals (chemicals found in plants).

“Oh, great, another story about why I should eat broccoli and cauliflower,” you say. But these chemicals in fruits and veggies could be the “vitamins” of the future.

Green Giants

Why all …

White Cargo Tells Many A Tale Of India

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wcmtoIThe wandering life deprived Felicity Kendal of a formal education and much else; but there were compensations. For her, it was, despite the anxieties and uncertainties, a “magical childhood” – something akin to what Kim knew and what Kipling himself experienced before his traumatic return to England. The sense of joy pervades her evocations of evenings on Chowpatty beach and small-town afternoons spent flying kites, of canvas bedrolls and long train journeys through the great Indian plains (“the moon shining in through the bars of the open window”) – these are things old visitors to India will not fail to recognise.

But then happy childhoods rarely make for good books. We tend to distrust the nostalgic writer who hasn’t known …

The Vietnam Draft Changed Canada Forever

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vdccfAlthough only about 20,000 draft dodgers and deserters remained in Canada after receiving full amnesty in 1977 from president Jimmy Carter, they have had an enduring impact. “We were quite happy to have the Americans come here,” says Pierre Berton, the author of 1967: The Last Good Year. “Those who stayed helped the country — we needed people who were gutsy enough not to fight that stupid war.” Their refusal to go, adds Vance, changed the Canadian perception of military conflict, reinforcing the growing belief in Ottawa that Canada should deploy peacekeepers in foreign lands — but never combat forces. “The presence of the draft dodgers,” says Vance, “forced us to think about our involvement in a potentially unjust war.”…

London: Always The Most Fashionable Choice

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fshcgSUDDENLY, IT SEEMS THAT STYLISH AMERICAN women are invading London. Madonna has replaced the late Princess Diana as the most photographed woman in the country and the fashion plate whose every purchase the press must chronicle. (Her wedding to film director Guy Ritchie was not at St. Paul’s Cathedral, but did receive coverage worthy of a royal.) Vanity Fairs fashion director, Elizabeth Saltzman, has forsaken Manhattan’s Upper East Side for London’s Belgravia. Rose Marie Bravo left Saks Fifth Avenue to bring new chic to Burberry as its CEO. Candace Bushnell, whose New York search for Mr. Right inspired the hit show Sex and the City, has finally found love in Chelsea with Englishman Stephen Morris. Former New Yorker Cosima von …

China: An Interesting Choice For Expatriates

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chiepcomDuring my first visit to Shanghai, I also researched the expatriate community and was shocked to find that there were no practicing SLPs working with children in the entire country! I found several international schools (pre-K to high school) and international medical centers and learned that there was a great need for speech-language services within the expatriate circles as well. Moving to Shanghai would be the perfect and the ultimate challenge for me! I never imagined that I would have an opportunity to be a pioneer in the underdeveloped speech-language pathology world.


I left New York for Shanghai in June 1998 filled with high hopes and idealistic visions. The first few months in Shanghai were a lot more challenging …

When It Comes To Traveling And Living Abroad, Don’t Embrace Fear

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talaAirlines have always been the safest way to travel, and I don’t think the fact that those four planes went down really changes that. There’s also been an evolution in security. When you get on an airplane these days, some pilots will tell you to look at the person next to you and ask him where he’s going and what he’s doing. Because that’s how you’re going to know if someone is going to hijack a plane–ff they’re nervous about something. Flying shouldn’t be a big factor in making travel decisions anyway. I mean, if you’re going to Pakistan and planning to paddle down a Class V river, your flight is the last thing you should be worried about. You …